Urban Technology Academy Inc. (UTA) is a career and technical education center (CTE) that will provide technology certifications and Work Based Learning (WBL) programs to youth and adults in Indiana. UTA will prepare high school, postsecondary and adult students for careers in IT.

November 2019

Indiana giving big tech companies incentives to move here.

“Indiana passed a new law offering any business that commits at least $750m towards building a data center in the state 50 freakin’ years of exemption from sales taxes…”

Indiana is pulling out the red carpet for big tech companies like Google, Facebook, or Apple in hopes that this will create new local jobs for Hoosiers. 

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“Engineering is the excitment of solving problems, it’s the excitment of creating something that didn’t exist before….”
– Stephanie Hill

Watch this full Ted talk of Stephanie Hill and how STEM can unlock so many paths for those who pursue it. 

How reentry programs benefit inmates, communities, and family.

“While bearing the stigma of a conviction, they must compete for jobs, look for housing, support their families and seek educational opportunities.”

Everyone deserves a second chance at life. Read more about the benefits of reentry programs.

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UTA Monthly IT Trivia

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Q: What was the first search engine on the internet?

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