Daniel Pierson

Daniel Pierson

CEO and President

Urban Technology Academy was founded in 2018 by Daniel Pierson and Shawn Carpenter.  Shawn passed away in 2020 but our vision and mission live on.

To build the premier technology and career education program in the state of Indiana by providing comprehensive Career Education and quality Work Based Learning programs.

To prepare youth and adults for integrated, multi-disciplinary technology programs to secure employment at a livable wage.

Shawn Carpenter

Shawn Carpenter

Former Executive Director

Who We Are
Urban Technology Academy (UTA) engages students in  Computer Science (CS) Career Pathways, Certifications and Work Based Learning Programs to prepare for IT Careers.

Our Target Market is K – 12 School and Adult Education Students in Indiana.

We teach at schools and community centers.  In K – 12 Grades we teach courses aligned to the Indiana Standards for Computer Science Career Pathways.

Our Adult Education courses aim to position students for jobs or better jobs in Information Technology.  Our Adult Ed courses are aligned to Indiana Next Level Jobs Program.

The experiences provided through our Work Based Learning opportunities expose students to a wide range of worksites in order to help future members of the workforce make informed career decisions as well as form strong connections for future work.

Diversity Statement
Urban Technology Academy Inc is an equal employment opportunity school corporation which strives to deliver educational excellence, equitable access, and quality service to our students and families. UTA recognizes the educational and social value of human differences and their various forms. UTA is committed to an inclusive approach which affirms and embraces all aspects of diversity. We are strengthened by our unique knowledge, experiences, interests, hopes, challenges, cultures, traditions and families. We engage families as partners in education through trusting relationships built on culturally responsive two-way communication and mutual respect.

Recognizing our diversity, we are committed to equity in all of our work. We seek to allocate resources to eliminate discrimination and disparities. We strive to eliminate prejudice, bigotry, and intolerance and bridge gaps between and among our diverse students, families, staff and communities.

Our approach to diversity and commitment to fairness ensure that the students we serve are empowered to succeed in college, career, military and life.